We Need You!

Zaatar is run and managed by volunteers – we cannot do this without you. Volunteers come from many countries with different backgrounds, bringing unique strengths and passion that makes a real difference. The volunteer experience can definitely be challenging, but it is also rewarding. You will be changing the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in the world!

We are looking for committed, flexible, healthy, proactive people who have two weeks or more to commit to Zaatar’s work in Athens. Volunteers are expected to work 4-5 six hour shifts every week.

Volunteer tasks include:

  • Cooking, and cleaning for visitors and residents at the Orange House
  • Playing, interacting and organizing activities with children at the Orange House
  • optional: Teaching language classes to adults and children at the Orange House (English, Spanish, French, German, Greek) -Training is provided, but no experience necessary

Volunteers will be expected to perform tasks that are not glamorous such as cleaning and cooking, but even the organization’s founders do these tasks. Volunteers must be proactive, responsible, and flexible enough to work in a fast changing environment with a small team. If this sounds like you, please submit an application.

Please read the text at the top of the application carefully before applying. If you have any questions or need clarification after reading this text, please contact volunteer@zaatarngo.org for more information.

Note that demand for volunteer positions at Zaatar is very high. We only select the best and most qualified candidates and have a 25% acceptance rate.

What makes an exceptional volunteer?

Volunteers with Zaatar are primarily involved in helping us to run the Orange House. Most of our volunteers are generalists—covering shifts (days, evenings, or nights) and doing whatever is needed. In addition volunteers with relevant skills and backgrounds assist with teaching classes and offering a variety of activities. Our volunteers are proactive, suggesting activities and offerings to enhance what we are currently doing.

As we don’t have funds to cover volunteer expenses, volunteers are responsible for covering their own travel, accommodation and personal expenses. We have an affordably priced apartment for volunteers located 5 minutes from the Orange House, with preference given to long-term volunteers.

Volunteering with Zaatar will be a meaningful experience. We’re honoured to be recognized as one of the top five places to volunteer in Greece http://backpackingonthecheap.blogspot.ca/2016/09/top-5-free-volunteer-opportunities-for.html and to receive feedback on the volunteer experience such as the following:

Volunteer Quote:

I volunteered with Orange House for 2 months in 2016 and I can’t wait to return to volunteer again. The community atmosphere is so lovely and it’s great meeting so many fantastic people; refugees, volunteers and the management team. Everyone is dedicated to improving the house and empowering the residents and visitors to achieve their goals. I had the opportunity to teach conversational English, assist in the preparation of procedural documentation, organize activities with the kids and participate in celebrations for the new residents, birthdays and the 6 month anniversary. There is always a new project to take on, work to be done and everyone works together to make the space positive and fun.

Alesia 0’ Conner, Volunteer, Australia

Volunteer experiences while at the Orange House:





If a trip to Greece is not practical and you still want to contribute, then we’d really appreciate any fund raising efforts you can commit to as we always need supplies for our residents and ongoing programs at The Orange House. Please contact us for more details.