Thinking and Creating change : Za’atar NGO is part of the Network for Dialogue

On October 20-21st, 2019, the first European Policy Dialogue Forum on Refugees and Migrants was held in Athens. Gathering a great diversity of actors – policy makers, religious leaders, academics and civil society members , it was organized by the Network for Dialogue and The International Dialogue Centre (KAICIID), an intergovernmental organization working to promote interfaith and intercultural dialogue and actions.

As part of this network, Za’atar NGO took part in the conversation. Our co-founder and director, Marina Liakis, was invited to share her experience and knowledge. This first forum, whose theme was “Understanding current challenges of refugees and migrants in Europe: What can we do?” aimed at making new propositions emerge and widen horizons on the social inclusion of refugees and migrants, through discussion and experience-sharing.

Dedicated to the protection, support, social inclusion and empowerment of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, Za’atar NGO is determined to advocate for and with them so that both policies and minds evolve for the better.

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