What other people are saying about Za'atar NGO and The Orange House…

"I am privileged to have worked with the Orange House during Autumn/Winter 2016 as part of a collaboration to provide legal advice and representation to the most vulnerable residents and visitors. What impacted me the most about my time at the Orange House is the incredible dedication and professionalism of its volunteer staff members. Their commitment to empowering the lives of refugees is truly inspiring. I look forward to seeing the successes of the Orange House continue in 2017!"

– Laura Edwards, Advocates Abroad (NGO), UK

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Za'atar NGO is a registered non-profit under Greek law. In Greek, the organization is registered as "ΖΑΑΤΑΡ ΑΣΤΙΚΗ ΜΗ ΚΕΡΔΟΣΚΟΠΙΚΗ ΕΤΑΙΡΕΙΑ." Registration Number: 140646901000.