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Contact Us:

For any general inquiry, please send us an email at

For all referrals, including referrals for our shelter, please send us an email at

For questions about volunteering, please consult our page on volunteering before emailing us.

For donation related questions, more information is available here.

If you are interested in a teaching specific position, please visit our page on teaching english.

Please note, for safety reasons, we do not publish our location online. If you need to find our building in Athens, please use the contact form below to reach out to our team directly!

For urgent needs, you can reach The Orange House by phone at +30 694 0671666.

If you are interested in volunteering, please do not fill out this form. Instead, carefully read the information our page about volunteering and apply with the application link found on that page.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Can I place someone to your shelter?

We already have our own channels and receive a lot of referrals for women who are in need of a shelter. Please keep in mind that our NGO is very small and that we cannot help many people. We have rules in order to ensure that the shelter remains a safe and relaxing space for our current residents to stay at and be empowered until they manage to leave. We can only welcome women, alone or with children that are minimum 5 years old. They have to be registered for asylum in Greece. Everyone at the shelter is involved with the community life and have to accept to be sharing the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom with women that can be different in terms of backgrounds (language, religious, etc.). Feel free to contact directly for more information but please keep in mind that we cannot help everyone unfortunately and trust that we do as much as we can.

How to find out about your educational opportunities?

We offer language classes: English and Greek in various levels, and, when we can, taught in the mothertongue of our beneficiaries. We receive a lot of requests so sometimes there is a waiting list. We have language tests in order to inform potential students of which group is the one for their level. We also offer vocational trainings. In the past we have organized training in field such as fishing, tailoring, cooking and hairdressing. We request students to be enrolled in Greek classes in parallel to make sure that after completing the vocational training, they have all of the chances to get a job. We also offer CV workshop where we teach how to create a CV.

For more information:

Can I interview you for my research?

We receive a lot of requests from researchers who would like to interview our staff members and/or beneficiaries. Please keep in mind that the goal of Zaatar NGO is to provide support to refugees and migrants in Athens. We do our best to always improve our services and this requires a lot of work. Unfortunately, we receive at least one request per week to be part of research for free. We would love to help but if we had to accept such request every week, this would be taking time that is supposed to be invested in supporting refugees. If you have the possibility to make a donation to the organization in order to acknowledge that the time we provide is actually work and that you understand that there need to be something that will actually benefit our beneficiaries from this meeting, then we could have a discussion about it.

Can I donations clothes / furniture / etc?

We are able to come and collect donations in Athens or close suburbs as the organization does not own a car but we use our staff members’ cars. However, please keep in mind that we can only accept donations that fit with the needs of our beneficiaries. We do understand that everyone would like to make some room in their home and get rid of some clothes, but we do not accept clothes that are with holes or dirty. Same policy applies to furniture. We would also kindly ask you to send us a picture of what you would like to donate so we can confirm that we actually need it. For instance if you would like to donate a couch for our day-center we need to confirm that it can fit in our living room. Thank you so much for considering donating to our organization!

Can I recommend someone to work at one of your social enterprise?We also managed to work with more than 20 refugees and migrants in Athens through our three social enterprises. One is a shop (and online shop), the second is a beauty salon and the third is a restaurant. For our three projects, we would like to stress the importance to be able to speak a minimum of Greek and/or English. While most of our staff members speak multiple languages and can translate when needed, the ability to speak Greek is really a plus as we cannot always be there to translate when one of our employees has to speak with customers. Also, please do keep in mind that we do not request perfect fluency but a minimum of A2 level so that we can also promote exchanges between locals and our employees. All the work that we do is legal so we will need to verify that all the people who apply to work do have the authorization to be hired and work legally in our businesses.

Applicants can send their CVs at:

Za’atar NGO is a registered non-profit under Greek law. In Greek, the organization is registered as “ΖΑΑΤΑΡ ΑΣΤΙΚΗ ΜΗ ΚΕΡΔΟΣΚΟΠΙΚΗ ΕΤΑΙΡΕΙΑ.” Registration Number: 140646901000.