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2020 Volunteers

A huge thank you to our volunteers January 2020-March 2020

  1. Layan CHOUFANI
  2. Ambre SOUBEYRAN
  3. Cristina ALONSO
  4. Maria NICOLAOVA
  5. Antonia VERINE
  6. Artemis ANASTASIOU
  7. Evdokia LABROPOULOU
  8. Marleno NIKA 
  9. Awena GUINER
  10. Grace LEWIS
  11. Armand  BOURDON
  12. Amer ZOHROB
  13. Aude SATHOUD
  14. Aselia ISMAILOVA

Za’atar Meets with World Bank

The World Bank’s mission especially in Greece is to create and invest in opportunities for employment for refugees. On February 10, our co-founder had the opportunity to meet with the World Bank representatives to talk about the process of opening a social enterprise in Greece! We discussed the social networks of refugees as well as what types of jobs were a good fit for new employees and had a shortage of employees. We are very excited to serve as the only social enterprise set up for refugees in Athens and excited to be recognized by the World Bank in this role!

Amazon Wishlist

We have a new Amazon wishlist to streamline donations! We understand many of you would like to know exactly where your donations are going or would prefer to donate items instead of money – so please use our wishlist to donate items that we absolutely need to keep the Orange House as well as our other projects running smoothly!

Wishlist Link

Some Seasoning for the Seasons

In this third year of the Orange House we have been extremely fortunate to partner with Humanity Now. Humanity Now is a direct Refugee Relief funding program that provides funds for sustainable projects benefiting refugees either emergently or with an eye on long term investment opportunities. Our partnership has resulted in a cooking class which meets six hours per week for eight weeks. The class has drawn diverse participation with men and women from all over the world (Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Cameroon just to name a few) learning Greek cooking. The goal is to make students proficient in Greek cooking so that they can enter the restaurant industry either here in Athens or sharing the magic of Greek cuisine around the world! We hope this will help students get jobs using the skills they learned here at the Orange House with the help of Humanity Now. Examples of dishes include Greek mezze, moussaka, dakos, tzatziki, keftedes  (a small selection of the wide range of Greek dishes being taught at this course). We are hopeful these skills translate into new jobs and are grateful for Humanity Now’s support (and for the delicious food made here at the Orange House every Saturday)!
Check out our Instagram for some tantalizing photos of the sumptuous dishes and visit Humanity Now’s website at