Technopolis 2019: Project Layali was there!

As part of the Meet Market – Athens’ nomadic and innovative market place offering local products, fresh ideas and sunny vibes it recently joined, Project Layali attended the 19th edition of Athens’ famous Technopolis Jazz Festival from the 27th May to 2nd of June. 

Founded in February 2018, Project Layali assists refugees in building self-sustaining lifestyles by providing income-generating opportunities.  Instead of relying on charitable donations to create social impact, Layali focuses on projects operated as self-sufficient businesses. Our locations aim to increase positive interactions between refugees, locals, and tourists in Athens.

Project Layali’s stand welcomed all the curious and jazz lovers, presenting them a large panel of items created and conceived by the refugees themselves. From tote bags to pillows, jewellery to carpets – that can even be personalized after a photograph! Everyone can find their missing treasure at Layali’s shop.

Find out more about Project Layali and our other initiatives by visiting our website and Instagram!

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