Tastes of Damascus

Za’atar NGO is very proud to announce the launching of its new – and tasty project: Tastes of Damascus! 

An eco-friendly Restaurant-Café, employing refugees and migrants as is the case for every activity of the Layali Project non-profit social enterprise.  We will soon welcome you all at Fokionos Negri, Kipseli, to delight you with the best flavours of the Middle East. Stay tuned; the doors will be open in the weeks to come!

While discovering new tastes and flavours, be an actor of social integration as well! One of the objectives of the project is to promote self-reliance for refugees and migrants. Refugees who will be employed in the restaurant will have a fixed income, allowing them to rely on a safe, legal, and sustainable way to support themselves and their families. In addition to the Cooking Classes already offered at the Orange House, we are hoping to launch an apprenticeship program within the restaurant which will provide refugees and migrants with valuable entry-level experience. 

Since we believe intercultural exchange is precious for society, we aim at promoting it in our actions for a better mutual understanding. In addition to attending Greek language classes at the Orange House, refugees will be able to practice and improve their conversational skills on a day-to-day basis while dealing with customers. In return, they will have the opportunity to introduce a side of their own culture as well by sharing their traditional dishes with the community they live in.

In the long-term, we wish to organize cultural events such as live music or photography exhibitions that will introduce and display the rich culture of countries such as Syria and Iran to locals who are eager to learn more about refugees and their backgrounds. 

We hope to see you soon at Tastes of Damascus!

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