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Meet the team: Our Board

United with volunteers from around the world, Zaatar’s guiding purpose is to assist refugees who are searching for a safe haven – peace and respite from war.

We are an international and local team with various personal and professional backgrounds, speaking many languages and with a background in refugee-related work. Our co-founders are both Greek citizens.

With approximately twenty to thirty volunteers each week, contributing both remotely and on-the-ground, we work in conjunction with other non-governmental organizations (NGOs), informal settlements, and an organisation operating a local warehouse of donated goods to deliver services in Athens and the Attica region.

Marina Liakis, Founder & Director

Marina is a French-Greek citizen and serves as Za’atar NGO’s Director. After studying Law and Communications in Paris and New York City, Marina began a career in humanitarian work. During her professional career, she has worked at a variety of international organizations including the United Nations and The French Embassy. In 2016, after volunteering at the Port of Piraeus with refugees arriving in Athens, she decided to found Za’atar NGO. Marina now serves as the Director of Za’atar. She speaks Arabic, English, French, Greek, and Spanish.

Hasan Hmeydan, Co-Founder

Hasan was born in Edleb, Syria. He has spent most of his life in Athens, Greece, and now works in the HR department of a multinational company. After meeting Marina while volunteering to support refugees arriving at Athens’ port, Hasan assisted with the legal side of setting up Za’atar as an official NGO. He now handles finances for Za’atar and advises on strategic planning. He speaks Arabic, English, and Greek.

May Zghyer, Board Member

May was born in Jerusalem and grew up as a refugee herself in Amman, Jordan. After studying Political Science and International Relations at Birzeit Univeristy in the West bank, she decided to follow a career as a humanitarian. She has been working with the United Nations in Jordan ever since. She has worked for UNICEF assisting refugees in host communities, refugee camps, and informal tented settlements. And now she’s working for IOM in the resettlement support center in the case management team. May speaks Arabic, English and some French.

Hashem Al-Faqih, Board Member

Hashem Al-Faqih is a Jordanian-Palestinian industrial engineer with focus on construction planning and management. He has worked on several international projects building various installations to support refugees in Jordan such as schools and hospitals.

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Between teachers, management assistance, and generalists, our team is run almost entirely by volunteers. At any given time, we are working with 25 – 50 volunteers.

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Za’atar NGO is a registered non-profit under Greek law. In Greek, the organization is registered as “ΖΑΑΤΑΡ ΑΣΤΙΚΗ ΜΗ ΚΕΡΔΟΣΚΟΠΙΚΗ ΕΤΑΙΡΕΙΑ.” Registration Number: 140646901000.