Layali: A Refugee-Run Salon in the Heart of Athens!

Founded in February 2018, Project Layali assists refugees in building self-sustaining lifestyles by providing income-generating opportunities.  Instead of relying on charitable donations to create social impact, Layali focuses on projects operated as self-sufficient businesses. Our locations aim to increase positive interactions between refugees, locals, and tourists in Athens.

Our latest project, Layali Salon, is officially open for business! Layali Salon is a beauty salon located in the heart of Athens, staffed by refugees from across the Middle East and Africa. The project is will also manag a paid apprenticeship program whereby refugees and migrants can gain entry-level experience in the beauty industry.

Since its launch, Layali Salon has garnered buzz with the locals due to its philanthropic work and desire to provide refugees and asylum-seekers with financial independence. Click here to read an article about the salon covered by CNN Greece.

Head to 78, Pipinou Street in Athens for a fresh haircut and become a part of our community!

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