Job Skill Training Courses: Cooking Class

Hmm… Can you feel that delicious smell? Hurry up, food lover, the cooking class is starting! 

Za’atar NGO is proud to provide job skill training courses at the Orange House founded by Humanity Now: Direct Refugee Relief. These courses allow us to provide our refugee beneficiaries with core skills needed to receive in demand jobs in Athens. We focus on providing both language and job skill courses to make sure our students get a well-rounded education, and learn the skills that are actually necessary in their chosen trade.  The Orange House also provides CV Workshops, Interview Prep, and many more classes that both women and men can take advantage of for FREE! 

Za’atar NGO could not have chosen a better name. It is now offering training classes in Cooking. Becoming a chef is a lucrative job in Athens, with training and refined skills our beneficiaries are able to become independent and self-sufficient by getting a job. That is why the class is fully taught in Greek by a Syrian woman who has been living on the island for many years and has worked for two restaurants there. Students can therefore improve both their general and cooking-specific vocabulary and integrate Greek restaurants the quickest. The course aims at giving them the secrets of Greek delights – moussaka, dolmades, souvlaki and more!

Cooking class

Students cook for themselves and grade each other’s plates at the end of the training, sharing advice and tips. The class enables those chefs-to-be, from all walks and sizes, to meet and interact, exchange and create, around a universal passion that knows no border – food.

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