“Informing and Inspiring a New Age of Digital Education for Refugees”– A KAICIID & Sirius Network Workshop

On April 22nd and 23rd, our Education Coordinator, Aude Sathoud, got the opportunity to take part in an online workshop co-organized by the International Dialogue Centre KAICIID-Network for Dialogue, of which Za’atar NGO has long been a member, and the SIRIUS Network. Around the theme, “Informing and Inspiring a New Age of Digital Education for Refugees”, the workshop gathered more than forty actors of formal and informal education coming from eleven countries.

Educational researchers, teachers, IGO and NGO professionals, policy-makers altogether worked to define and attempt to respond to the challenges faced by asylum-seekers, refugees and migrant people face in digital education.

Those two rich afternoon of exchanges, experience-sharing and collaboration addressed issues as diverse as “Access to Digital Devices and Internet for Education of Refugees and Migrants”,  “Holistic Support in Education and Dialogue with Policy Makers”, “Academic and Social Language in the Absence of Face to Face School”, “Pedagogical, Curriculum and Wider Educational Support for Refugees in Centres and Newly-Arrived Migrants” and “Support and Dialogue with Migrant Parents and Communities”.

After a first day of cross-country discussion, the second and final afternoon was dedicated to the elaboration of concrete action plans by national teams, to be implemented in each country’s context.

Considering education as a key-element in the process of integration of asylum-seeking and refugee populations, Za’atar NGO was honored to take part in such exciting and fruitful conversations.

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