Our Mission

Zaatar’s mission is to provide a safe space for refugees to rest, learn, feel empowered and grow. We accomplish this by:


  • Providing services for refugees, with a particular focus on women (and their children), unaccompanied minors, refugees who identify as LGBT, and prisoners.
  • Educational programming in fundamental subjects such as languages and computer skills
  • Activities to enhance health and wellbeing (for example yoga, health and first aid workshops, crafts, dancing)
  • Providing vocational training opportunities to help adult refugees gain work and to foster their integration within Greek and westernized societies more generally.
  • Tailoring our programmes and services to suit life in Athens
  • Offering activities to promote an understanding of Greek heritage and culture
  • Providing a welcoming environment in which refugees can relax, socialize, and meet new friends, rebuilding a sense of community that they likely lost when leaving their country of origin.
  • Offering shelter to up to 20 women and children in the Orange House, and, where possible, finding housing within homes and apartments for vulnerable refugees without adequate shelter.
  • Referrals to other organizations for additional services and opportunities


Our volunteer group includes refugees themselves. We believe in empowerment. Refugees cook, clean, teach and/or attend language and other classes to prepare for their future—either living independently in Greece or preparing for reunification or relocation elsewhere, and building job readiness and other important skills.