Chamber of Beautiful Business, Athens

Last weekend our director, Marina Liakis, was invited to speak at the Chamber of Beautiful Business, Athens. “Designed to resemble a modern salon litteraire, the Chamber of Beautiful Business, Athens is a place for people with business brains and artistic hearts to share our ideas and exchange our experiences around integration.” Marina gave a moving speech about the importance of purposeful integration of refugee populations into the European communities.  Using Project Layali and the Orange House as examples of how programs that reinforce hard work, dedication, and flexibility will in turn teach our beneficiaries to be self sufficient in their everyday lives. Za’atar is able to showcase how when refugees are given the tools and skills to be independent and successful,  even individuals coming to Europe with nothing can learn to thrive in Athens.  At Za’atar we believe that ingeration must always go both ways, and as Athens continues to change and welcome refugee populations from Africa and the Middle East, Greeks too must learn to incorporate the traditions and cultures of their new found neighbors into their own.

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