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About Us

Our Mission

Zaatar non-profit organization mission is to supporting asylum-seekers and refugees in Athens. We empower refugees and migrants to build self-sufficient lifestyles by providing constructive spaces for education, employment training, and cultural integration.

We believe in empowerment, not pity. Refugees cook, clean, and teach and attend classes to prepare for their future—whether that future is living independently in Greece or in another country after reunification or relocation. Our vision is that integration works both ways. Not only must refugees and migrants integrate into European life, but Europeans must also change the way they view refugees and migrants coming to Europe. At the Orange House, we strive to involve local citizens and businesses in our daily operations. A great diversity of local businesses and organizations supports Za’atar by offering their products or services – unsold bread and food of the day from a neighbouring bakery, free tickets to the museum to give to the beneficiaries… We believe that all of these small gestures can make a difference in changing the way that Greek people perceive refugees.

Our Team

United with volunteers from around the world, Zaatar’s guiding purpose is to assist refugees who are searching for a safe haven – peace and respite from war. We are an international and local team with various personal and professional backgrounds, speaking many languages and with a background in refugee-related work. Our co-founders are both Greek citizens. ​



Born in Syria, Hasan moved to Greece as a child with his family to Creta island before moving to Athens. He studied filmmaking at the Hellenic Cinema and Television School Stavrakos. He worked various jobs before joining the human resources department of a company providing green energy. He is passionate about human rights, politics and filmmaking. He speaks Arabic, English and Greek.


Born in Paris of a French-Greek family, Marina studied law and communications in Paris and New York City. She worked in the diplomatic field before starting her own organization with Hasan. She run the NGO for severals years before joining a UN agency. She speaks Arabic, English, French, Greek and Spanish.