About Us

About Us

“Za’atar” is a mix of herbs used daily in Middle Eastern cuisine. Just as the herbs combined together enhance the food they are cooked with, we believe that people with various backgrounds, skills and interests enrich each other too. When peoples from around the world interact in one room, the result is greater than the sum of its parts.

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Our Team

We are an international team with a variety of professional backgrounds. Our co-founders are both Greek citizens.

Our Mission

Learn more about the driving forces behind our programs. Our Mission Statement guides the work we do every day.

In the Press

Check out what others from around the world have to say about the work we do.

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Za’atar NGO is a registered non-profit under Greek law. In Greek, the organization is registered as “ΖΑΑΤΑΡ ΑΣΤΙΚΗ ΜΗ ΚΕΡΔΟΣΚΟΠΙΚΗ ΕΤΑΙΡΕΙΑ.” Registration Number: 140646901000.