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January 2018 – Dan’s Volunteer Experience at the Orange House

I could only volunteer at the Orange House for two weeks, but in that short amount of time I worked with an amazing range of people. Much of the work was supported by residents and visitors, which made every task go faster. Many of the refugee visitors were excited to practice English, which gave me an opportunity to connect with them. Volunteers were encouraged to innovate in order to maximize our contributions to the OH. That encouragement led to some exciting projects! The scheduling was also flexible enough to allow my girlfriend and I to work similar hours.

The nature of volunteering at the Orange House meant that my days included many different tasks that contributed to the larger mission: writing math tests for eager children, sharing stories about my life with interested adults, helping install a washing machine, and sorting puzzle pieces. While volunteering, I felt that each task was appreciated and supported by residents and visitors alike. Even though I was there for only a short time, I saw the power of the Orange House. Children opened up in the safe environment, adults found resources they never knew existed, and a strong community thrived in the heart of Athens.