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November 2017 – Irene’s Volunteer Experience at the Orange House

Despite only being my third volunteer experience, my time at the Orange House was, without doubt, one of the most wonderful and enriching experiences I’ve ever had.
The Orange House is special, because it does not only help with a refugee’s basic needs such as food or housing, but it also provides a space where people can develop their human, social and cultural dimensions.

Day after day, dozens of people arrive in the house for classes, workshops or just relaxing and socializing. As a volunteer, it is so special to get to know so many people with different backgrounds and stories. Working in close proximity with these special people gives you the opportunity to get involved with the culture, thoughts and feelings of the residents and visitors. It also helps you to develop a special sensitivity and empathy towards others.

One of the major advantages of the Orange House is the small size of the organization. It allows you to get to know every member of the community and to have a real perception of the day to day operations of the organization and its residents. I really appreciate the opportunity Marina and Hassan gave me to work at the Orange House and the excellent job they are doing on preserving the dignity and humanity of all refugees.